Current VCP in use for each Site

Current VCP in use for each Site

The following lists all sites currently FTP'd from RPCCDS (Central Server) and the Current VCP being used.

Last Updated: Saturday, March 28, 2020  9:01:57 AM

Also below is the number of sites currently using each VCP.

  Site Name (Mnemonic)

Current VCP

1. Aberdeen SD (KABR) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:44Z
2. Albany NY (KENX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:56Z
3. Albuquerque NM (KABX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:50Z
4. Altus AFB OK (KFDR) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
5. Amarillo TX (KAMA) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:48Z
6. Anchorage/Kenai AK (PAHG) VCP 31AVSET3/28/2020 13:55Z
7. Andersen AFB Guam (PGUA) VCP 215AVSET3/3/2020 19:07Z
8. Andrews TDWR SPG (TADW) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:57Z
9. Atlanta GA (KFFC) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:52Z
10. Atlanta TDWR SPG (TATL) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
11. Baltimore TDWR SPG (TBWI) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:46Z
12. Beale AFB CA (KBBX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
13. Bethel AK (PABC) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
14. Billings MT (KBLX) VCP 31AVSET3/28/2020 13:53Z
15. Binghamton NY (KBGM) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:12Z
16. Birmingham AL (KBMX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
17. Bismarck ND (KBIS) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:43Z
18. Blacksburg VA (KFCX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:50Z
19. Boise ID (KCBX) VCP 31AVSET3/28/2020 13:52Z
20. Boston MA (KBOX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:47Z
21. Boston TDWR SPG (TBOS) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
22. Brownsville TX (KBRO) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
23. Buffalo NY (KBUF) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 12:58Z
24. Burlington VT (KCXX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:44Z
25. Camp Humphreys Korea (RKSG) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
26. Cannon AFB NM (KFDX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:10Z
27. Caribou ME (KCBW) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:42Z
28. Cedar City UT (KICX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:51Z
29. Charleston SC (KCLX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
30. Charleston WV (KRLX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:47Z
31. Charlotte TDWR SPG (TCLT) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
32. Cheyenne WY (KCYS) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
33. Chicago IL (KLOT) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:55Z
34. Chicago TDWR SPG (TORD) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
35. Cincinnati OH (KILN) VCP 12AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:47Z
36. Cincinnati TDWR SPG (TCVG) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
37. Cleveland OH (KCLE) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:46Z
38. Cleveland TDWR SPG (TLVE) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
39. Columbia SC (KCAE) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 12:58Z
40. Columbus AFB MS (KGWX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
41. Columbus TDWR SPG (TCMH) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
42. Corpus Christi TX (KCRP) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:50Z
43. Dallas TDWR SPG (TDAL) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
44. Dallas-Ft. Worth TDWR SPG (TDFW) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
45. Davenport IA (KDVN) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:55Z
46. Dayton TDWR SPG (TDAY) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
47. Denver CO (KFTG) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:52Z
48. Denver TDWR SPG (TDEN) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
49. Des Moines IA (KDMX) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
50. Detroit MI (KDTX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:50Z
51. Detroit TDWR SPG (TDTW) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
52. Dodge City KS (KDDC) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:51Z
53. Dover AFB DE (KDOX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:58Z
54. Dulles TDWR SPG (TIAD) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:53Z
55. Duluth MN (KDLH) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 12:58Z
56. Dyess AFB TX (KDYX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
57. Edwards AFB CA (KEYX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:52Z
58. Eglin AFB FL (KEVX) VCP 35 3/28/2020 13:57Z
59. El Paso TX (KEPZ) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:52Z
60. Elko NV (KLRX) VCP 35 3/28/2020 13:49Z
61. Eureka CA (KBHX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
62. Evansville IN (KVWX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
63. Fairbanks AK (PAPD) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:48Z
64. Flagstaff AZ (KFSX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:58Z
65. Fort Smith AR (KSRX) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
66. Ft Campbell KY (KHPX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:52Z
67. Ft Drum NY (KTYX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:48Z
68. Ft Hood TX (KGRK) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
69. Ft Polk LA (KPOE) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:38Z
70. Ft Rucker AL (KEOX) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
71. Ft Worth TX (KFWS) VCP 12AVSET3/28/2020 13:33Z
72. Ft. Lauderdale TDWR SPG (TFLL) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
73. Gaylord/Alpena MI (KAPX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:44Z
74. Glasgow MT (KGGW) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:46Z
75. Goodland KS (KGLD) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
76. Grand Forks ND (KMVX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
77. Grand Junction CO (KGJX) VCP 31AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
78. Grand Rapids MI (KGRR) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
79. Great Falls MT (KTFX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 12:58Z
80. Green Bay WI (KGRB) VCP 215 3/28/2020 12:59Z
81. Greer SC (KGSP) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:49Z
82. Hastings NE (KUEX) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:50Z
83. Holloman AFB NM (KHDX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:53Z
84. Houston Inter. TDWR SPG (TIAH) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:38Z
85. Houston TDWR SPG (THOU) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
86. Houston TX (KHGX) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
87. Huntsville/Hytop AL (KHTX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
88. Indianapolis IN (KIND) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx33/28/2020 13:56Z
89. Indianapolis TDWR SPG (TIDS) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
90. Jackson KY (KJKL) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:46Z
91. Jackson MS (KDGX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:55Z
92. Jacksonville FL (KJAX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:44Z
93. JFK Airport TDWR SPG (TJFK) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
94. Kadena AB Japan (RODN) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:34Z
95. Kamuela HI (PHKM) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
96. Kansas City MO (KEAX) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
97. Kansas City TDWR SPG (TMCI) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:03Z
98. Key West FL (KBYX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:49Z
99. King Salmon AK (PAKC) VCP 31AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
100. Kunsan AB Korea (RKJK) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:56Z
101. La Crosse WI (KARX) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
102. Lake Charles LA (KLCH) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
103. Langley Hill WA (KLGX) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx23/28/2020 13:57Z
104. Las Vegas NV (KESX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
105. Las Vegas TDWR SPG (TLAS) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
106. Laughlin AFB TX (KDFX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
107. Lincoln IL (KILX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:45Z
108. Little Rock AR (KLZK) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:53Z
109. Los Angeles CA (KVTX) VCP 31AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
110. Louisville KY (KLVX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:44Z
111. Louisville TDWR SPG (TSDF) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
112. Lubbock TX (KLBB) VCP 31AVSET3/28/2020 13:41Z
113. Marquette MI (KMQT) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:47Z
114. Maxwell AFB AL (KMXX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
115. Medford OR (KMAX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 12:58Z
116. Melbourne FL (KMLB) VCP 12AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
117. Memphis TDWR SPG (TMEM) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
118. Memphis TN (KNQA) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
119. Miami FL (KAMX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:47Z
120. Miami TDWR SPG (TMIA) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:37Z
121. Middleton Island AK (PAIH) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 12:58Z
122. Midland/Odessa TX (KMAF) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:53Z
123. Midway TDWR SPG (TMDW) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:53Z
124. Milwaukee TDWR SPG (TMKE) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
125. Milwaukee WI (KMKX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:47Z
126. Minneapolis MN (KMPX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:56Z
127. Minneapolis TDWR SPG (TMSP) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
128. Minot AFB ND (KMBX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
129. Missoula MT (KMSX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:50Z
130. Mobile AL (KMOB) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:49Z
131. Molokai HI (PHMO) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:22Z
132. Moody AFB GA (KVAX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
133. Morehead City NC (KMHX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:50Z
134. Morristown TN (KMRX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
135. Nashville TDWR SPG (TBNA) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
136. Nashville TN (KOHX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:56Z
137. New Orleans LA (KLIX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:51Z
138. New Orleans TDWR SPG (TMSY) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
139. New York NY (KOKX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
140. Newark TDWR SPG (TEWR) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
141. Nome AK (PAEC) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:29Z
142. North Platte, NE (KLNX) VCP 215 SAILSx13/28/2020 13:55Z
143. North Webster IN (KIWX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
144. Oklahoma City OK (KTLX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
145. Oklahoma City TDWR SPG (TOKC) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:37Z
146. Omaha NE (KOAX) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
147. Orlando TDWR SPG (TMCO) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
148. Paducah KY (KPAH) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
149. Palm Beach TDWR SPG (TPBI) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
150. Pendleton OR (KPDT) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
151. Philadelphia PA (KDIX) VCP 215 3/28/2020 12:59Z
152. Philadelphia TDWR SPG (TPHL) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
153. Phoenix AZ (KIWA) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 12:58Z
154. Phoenix TDWR SPG (TPHX) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
155. Pittsburgh PA (KPBZ) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:56Z
156. Pittsburgh TDWR SPG (TPIT) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
157. Pocatello ID (KSFX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:48Z
158. Portland ME (KGYX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:47Z
159. Portland OR (KRTX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:51Z
160. Pueblo CO (KPUX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
161. Raleigh TDWR SPG (TRDU) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
162. Raleigh/Durham NC (KRAX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:49Z
163. Rapid City SD (KUDX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:47Z
164. Reagan Airport TDWR SPG (TDCA) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:48Z
165. Reno NV (KRGX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:44Z
166. Riverton WY (KRIW) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:46Z
167. Robins AFB GA (KJGX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:56Z
168. Sacramento CA (KDAX) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
169. Salt Lake City TDWR SPG (TSLC) VCP 80 3/28/2020 13:00Z
170. Salt Lake City UT (KMTX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
171. San Angelo TX (KSJT) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:47Z
172. San Antonio TX (KEWX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:52Z
173. San Diego CA (KNKX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
174. San Francisco CA (KMUX) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:32Z
175. San Joaquin CA (KHNX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
176. San Juan PR (TJUA) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 12:59Z
177. San Juan TDWR SPG (TSJU) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
178. Santa Ana Mtn. CA (KSOX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:55Z
179. Seattle WA (KATX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:56Z
180. Shreveport LA (KSHV) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
181. Sioux Falls SD (KFSD) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:56Z
182. Sitka AK (PACG) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
183. South Kauai HI (PHKI) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:58Z
184. South Shore HI (PHWA) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:46Z
185. Spokane WA (KOTX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
186. Springfield MO (KSGF) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:54Z
187. St Louis MO (KLSX) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:57Z
188. St. Louis TDWR SPG (TSTL) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
189. State College PA (KCCX) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:44Z
190. Sterling VA (DC) (KLWX) VCP 212AVSET3/28/2020 13:54Z
191. Tallahassee FL (KTLH) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:49Z
192. Tampa Bay FL (KTBW) VCP 215AVSET3/28/2020 13:56Z
193. Tampa TDWR SPG (TTPA) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
194. Topeka KS (KTWX) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:46Z
195. Tucson AZ (KEMX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:53Z
196. Tulsa OK (KINX) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:57Z
197. Tulsa TDWR SPG (TTUL) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:34Z
198. Vance AFB OK (KVNX) VCP 12AVSET3/24/2020 14:41Z
199. Vandenberg AFB CA (KVBX) VCP 32AVSET3/28/2020 13:51Z
200. Wakefield VA (KAKQ) VCP 215AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:52Z
201. Wichita KS (KICT) VCP 212AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 13:55Z
202. Wichita TDWR SPG (TICH) VCP 90 3/28/2020 13:00Z
203. Wilmington NC (KLTX) VCP 35AVSET3/28/2020 13:46Z
204. Yuma/Phoenix AZ (KYUX) VCP 35AVSETSAILSx13/28/2020 12:58Z

Number of Sites currently using each VCP:

VCP 12  =  4    (1 with SAILS Active & 0 with MRLE Active)
VCP 31  =  7
VCP 32  =  22
VCP 35  =  47    (17 with SAILS Active)
VCP 112  =  0    (0 with SAILS Active)
VCP 121  =  0
VCP 212  =  25    (13 with SAILS Active & 0 with MRLE Active)
VCP 215  =  54    (18 with SAILS Active & 0 with MRLE Active)
VCP 80  =  14
VCP 90  =  31